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Interactive Whiteboard Resources

The SMART Exchange - Find lessons for your SMART Board and connect with teachers. - Supports use of SMARTBoards in schools. Includes links to Notebook lessons, Training, Conferences, User Groups and What's New.

Crickweb - A UK portal for primary interactive resources. Provides access to 190 free-to-use educational interactive resources for primary schools, 30 free to use fun games for kids aged 4 - 11 and 120+ links to free interactive, image and software resources.

BBC for Schools: Age 4-11 - A UK site that offers a variety of Interactive activities for primary school-aged students. Activities are organised according to subject areas with links to worksheets and related resources for teachers and parents.

Scootle - links to over 10,800 quality teaching and learning resources like Learning Objects (multimedia activities P-12), movie clips (documentaries, feature films, advertisements) audio files (speeches, broadcasts, interviews) and digitised images (photos, artworks, maps) from cultural and scientific institutions in Australia and New Zealand.

Teacher Tube - Use the search function at the top of this page to access a wide range of online video snippets with applications for education.

60 Sec Tech - Provides tutorials in how to use a variety of SMART tools and features of Notebook software.