If your child is absent from school you will be required to send an email, absence note (paper copy or via the school's app) or phone the school (with a follow up written notification) informing staff of the absence.

If a child is absent without explanation for longer than 2 days, the executive will be contacting the parents and if there is no reply and continued absence occurs, the Directorate will be notified.

Similarly, lateness is considered an absence from school. It is a requirement that a responsible adult is signing students in if they are arriving late. This must be done through the front office so that a late slip can be provided before the child returns to class. Parents will be called to confirm lateness.

If a pattern of lateness occurs, schools are required to raise this issue with parents as it impacts on the student's opportunity to learn.

We trust you will support this process, as we are all responsible for working together towards quality learning.