Library Programs

The library program encompasses the following aspects:

Care of books and other library materials

Literature Appreciation fostering a love of reading through strategies such as:

  • Reading aloud to students
  • Exploring different literary genres, eg. fantasy, mystery, adventure, humour, thriller, fairy tales
  • Highlighting the work of different authors and illustrators, with a strong focus on Australian talent
  • Displays, special events (eg. Book Week)
  • Student participation in library decision-making

Information Literacy – assisting students to access and use information effectively:

  • Library shelf organisation (Dewey Decimal Classification)
  • Using the library's Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) to locate resources
  • Cybersafety and responsible digital citizenship
  • Conducting effective Internet searches
  • Using the research cycle to conduct investigations
  • Critical evaluation of information
  • Plagiarism and copyright issues