School Values

Campbell Primary School Values

The SCARFFF values underpin all teaching and learning at Campbell Primary School. They guide personal and social interactions that take place in the school community and maximise opportunities for every student to learn and play in a friendly and safe environment. They promote an inclusive school environment in which team building and effective communication are fundamental to the school's culture.

Campbell Primary School's values are:

  • Support: Help and encourage each other
  • Cooperation: Work together and share ideas
  • Acceptance: Be tolerant and understanding of each other
  • Respect: Show respect for each other, property and the environment
  • Friendship: Be kind and caring to each other
  • Fun: Share in the joy of learning
  • Forgiveness: Knowing how to be generous of spirit

These values support the development of each child, fosters collaboration in the school community and ensure the school is a happy, caring and secure learning environment for all our students.