Our Vision

In 2016 Campbell Primary School updated its school mission and vision. The process of designing this allowed all students, staff and parents the opportunity to contribute to the development of our mission and vision.

School Mission

The purpose of Campbell Primary School is learning. We develop socially, emotionally and academically capable individuals who contribute actively to their community.

School Vision

It is our vision that Campbell Primary School:

  • Is a happy, fun, welcoming and safe learning community, which recognises and celebrates diversity.
  • Offers innovative, engaging and varied curriculum and programs.
  • Meets the needs of all students with relevant and personalised learning and support.
  • Ensures everyone feels supported with a strong sense of belonging.
  • Demonstrates positive and productive relationships among all: students, staff and parents.

Graduate Profile

Through the formulation of our school mission and vision a graduate profile was also developed to articulate the attributes that we are striving for our students to exhibit by the end of primary school.

Graduates of Campbell Primary School are well prepared for their future to be productive members of a global society and contributors to their communities.

Academically capable:

  • know and apply the fundamentals of reading, writing and mathematics.
  • confident and capable in the use of technology.

Engaged learners

  • independent and motivated life-long learners.
  • demonstrate a passion for and love of learning.
  • explore and experience joy in a diverse range of learning areas.
  • know how to learn and assured in their ability to do so.

Problem solvers:

  • inquire, investigate, and think clearly and critically.
  • apply what they have learned to solve real-life problems.


  • confident, self-regulating, persistent, organised and resourceful.
  • aware, accepting and respectful of themselves.

Sound character:

  • build and maintain positive relationships.
  • kind, caring, empathetic, accepting and respectful.
  • fair, honest and responsible.