School Values

Campbell Primary School Values

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) and SCARFF Values

PBL and SCARFFF values underpin all teaching and learning at Campbell Primary School. They guide personal and social interactions that take place in the school community and maximise opportunities for every student to learn and play in a friendly and safe environment. They promote an inclusive school environment in which team building and effective communication are fundamental to the school's culture.

Campbell Primary School's values are:

PBL promotes high expectations, supports appropriate behaviour and builds confidence in staff and students. PBL works to:

Whole School Classroom approach - STEPS

In support of our PBL approach, we have included STEPS (Student and Teacher Expectations for a Positive School) into our classrooms. STEPS is a framework which guides teachers’ responses to student behaviour along a continuum of behavioural support, borrowed from, Classroom Management: A Thinking & Caring Approach (Bennett, B. & Smilanich, P, 1994).

Step 1: Low-Key Responses

Purpose: To clearly communicate that the teacher is aware of what is happening in their classroom by managing classroom routines, and swiftly and quietly dealing with student misbehaviour before it becomes a problem.

Step 2: Squaring Off

The teacher moves up a step to ‘squaring off’ when the use of several low-key management strategies have failed to stop the behaviour.

Step 3: Choice

Student makes a choice to correct their behaviour or the teacher choices for them.

Step 4: Implied Choice

If the student continues the behaviour, the teacher moves the student to a place where they can continue their work.

Step 5: Circuit Break

A Circuit Break table is for a student to relocate to when the behaviour continues.

Step 6: Buddy Class

After repeated misbehaviour the student is sent to their nominated Buddy Class for quiet reflection.

Step 7: Executive Time Out

If a student refuses all redirections or demonstrates a major behaviour that contradicts our Positive Behaviour for Learning expectations, they are sent to the Reflection Room for a meeting with an Executive teacher.