Our Curriculum

Focus On Learning

At Campbell Primary School we are continuing a focus on:

The fundamental purpose of our school is to ensure high levels of learning for all students. This focus on learning translates into four critical questions that drive the daily work of the school. Teachers at our school demonstrate their commitment to helping all students learn by working collaboratively to address the following critical questions:

Teachers are given the time and support to work together to clarify essential student learning, develop common assessments for learning, analyse evidence of student learning, use that evidence to learn from one another and of course, plan targeted learning experiences for each child needs. At Campbell Primary School teachers have made a commitment to working collaboratively to achieve better results for the students. All students will achieve at high levels because CPS teachers do not work in isolation. Staff will meet in Years P-2 and Years 3-6 teams each week to address the learning needs of all students.

We are committed to measure our effectiveness on the basis of 'what is learned' rather than 'what is taught'. All programs and practices are continually assessed on the basis of their impact on student learning.  All staff members receive relevant and timely information on their effectiveness in achieving intended results.

Student results are used each week to guide the focus learning children.  In our "Learning In Flexible Team" (known as LIFT) children will receive two lessons each week based on their learning needs (catch up, consolidation, extension). In this way no child should miss the concepts taught. With this approach the expectation of children's learning will be consistent across the year levels and will not be compromised by the class structure.

Welcome to Our Learning Community.

Together we will achieve quality learning outcomes for your child.