Specialist Programs

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Students at Campbell Preschool -Year 6 have one Japanese lesson per week. Our school participates in a Japanese continuity program with Campbell High, which caters for students who wish to continue with Japanese after Year 6

The Japanese program has a strong intercultural focus (meaning that language and culture are treated as a single entity), with equal weighting given to oral and written skills in the middle and senior years. Campbell Primary participates in the volunteer Japanese assistant program each year, so lessons are team-taught by the Japanese teacher and an assistant from Japan.

As well as weekly lessons, students also participate in a range of other activities such as an annual excursion to the Nihongo Tanken Sydney Language Centre (Year 5/6), origami crane making for Peace Day and various lunchtime Japanese clubs. Our school has a twin school, Tomio Minami in Canberra's sister city Nara in Japan. Samples of student work as well as photographic displays are exchanged, enabling students to learn about another culture.

Music Programs

We have a specialist music teacher who teaches the Junior and Senior School Choirs and the P&C offers a music tutor program. Music skills are further developed by class teachers and all classes participate in a whole school community singing.

Instrumental Music Program

Campbell Primary School is a member of the ACT Instrumental Music Program. The Instrumental Music Program (I.M.P.) is a section of the Department of Education which provides our school (and many others in the ACT) with a package of services designed to supplement the music education of up to 22 selected students in Years 5 and 6. At Campbell Primary School we currently have a Year 5 and a Year 6 brass band. To enter the band program, students are assessed at the end of Year 4 for musical strengths (including ability to differentiate pitch, rhythm and dynamics) and classroom work habits. Then early in the following year, placements are offered to 22 students. The Instrumental Music Program provides the school with a specialist band teacher for two sessions a week during class time and the loan of instruments for the duration of the program. Students also have two follow up lessons with the school band teacher during lunchtime.