Our School

Daily Timetable

Time Subject
9.00 Lessons commence
11.00 Recess play
11.30 Middle session
12.50 Lunch supervised eating time
1.00 Lunchtime play
1.45 Afternoon session
3.00 School finishes

Class Groupings

Class sizes are kept as low as possible, within the staffing allocation. Kindergarten and junior classes are a priority for lower class sizes. Composite classes may be used to enable smaller class sizes and greater flexibility in placement to meet individual students' needs. The criteria for class selection are to have a balance of:

At the end of the year each student (in consultation with their parents) is asked to nominate five students from their cohort with whom they work well with in class to be classmates with in the following year. We endeavour to place each child with at least one person from their list.