Voluntary Contributions

For many years, students have benefited from the additional financial resources provided through voluntary financial contributions from parents, carers and other citizens.  These contributions have assisted the school to conduct additional programs and activities and purchase educational materials.

The School Board has suggested that the following contribution will directly support the educational programs provided by the school.

  • $150 for the first child
  • $280 for two or more children

This voluntary contribution may be made in full, in part or by instalments.

Section 27 of the Education Act 2004 however clearly states that:

  • each contribution must be voluntary
  • a child is not to be refused benefits or services because the child's parents do not make a contribution
  • a child is not harassed for contributions
  • any record of contributions is confidential.

Schools may offer or facilitate some specific optional items, activities and services for which parents may be required to pay if they want their child to access them.  These are as follows:

  • All international excursions
  • Camps and excursions that are not essential to, but enrich, curriculum outcomes
  • All school trips conducted during school holidays
  • Hire/lease of musical instruments which involves use outside of the school environment
  • Hire/lease of major items of equipment (eg interactive technology and outdoor education equipment) which involves use outside of the school environment
  • Academic competitions
  • High level sporting competitions (eg state representation, interstate competitions)
  • Activities provided by external providers that are not essential to, but enrich, curriculum outcomes
  • Attendance at public performances of school productions outside of school hours
  • Graduation dinners/formals
  • Hire of school lockers
  • End of year school magazine / yearbook / memorabilia
  • Class and individual photos
  • Religious instruction materials
  • Canteen services
  • Internet access for recreational and non-school use
  • Private tutoring
  • Water safety and swimming programs
  • School uniforms (including sporting and band uniforms)