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It is a privilege to welcome you to Campbell Primary School.

Campbell Primary School is a learning community where teachers, parents and students work collaboratively and are committed to focusing on high levels of learning for all. The school's central purpose is to educate and prepare students to lead fulfilling, purposeful and productive lives.  The professional educators at Campbell Primary School work in partnership to build a shared knowledge centering on evidence based practice in the areas of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment to ensure each child can thrive through the delivery of an innovative and creative curriculum.

As a community we build and nurture a dynamic and safe learning environment for our students through social emotional learning programs and the promotion of our core values. We pride ourselves on our learning community focus and celebrate strong community partnerships which enrich and support student learning.

As a learning community we welcome all members to contribute to the decision making process and invite parents to be actively involved through our P&C and School Board.  We encourage all families to read our School Strategic Plan (available on the website under community/school board) to develop an awareness of the school improvement agenda and future directions of Campbell Primary School.

When exploring our website please take a moment to review the variety of programs offered to ensure we meet the individual needs of our students. We are extremely proud of our learning community and have established a respectful, inclusive and happy learning environment to ensure high levels of learning for all.

We invite you to visit our school, to meet our committed team of educators and to discuss how we can best support you and your child’s learning.

I look forward to welcoming you to our school.

Kindest regards

Paula Kinsman

Enrolment enquiries may be addressed by contacting our front office staff on 6142 3580 or by email at

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Australian Curriculum

Posted on 01 Jul 2019

The ACT public school system has a tradition of excellence in education and is a national leader in the implementation of the Australian Curriculum. The introduction of the Australian Curriculum and the use of common Achievement Standards to measure children’s learning has improved the already high levels of parent confidence in our schools. Reporting using the Achievement Standards will build on the ACT’s strong tradition of providing families with detailed information on the progress of their children. Under ACT and Commonwealth legislation and regulations all schools are required to provide written reports of student achievement twice a year to parents of students in Preschool to Year 12. In the past there have been schoolbased formats for students in preschool – Year 10. All Year 1-12 students are required to receive grades using an A-E scale. In 2019 the Education Directorate are introducing a common report format, for students in Kindergarten to Year 10, through the new Student Administration System (SAS). This change will occur via a staged implementation process in Semester 1, 2019.  Campbell Primary School is one of the pilot schools implementing the new report format.

The Australian Curriculum is accessible to all students and there is parent friendly information available via the following link

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